Adoration Chapel Update:

God has Blessed all of us with a New Year. Come let us adore Him in Thanksgiving. What better way to Adore and Glorify and Honor Him by immersing in prayer and Adoration.

For the Lord is Truly present, body, soul and divinity. His love radiates in a humbled appearance of bread, transforming our minds and hearts, enabling us to know Him more deeply. It is here where streams of graces flow upon us into the depths of our souls.

Come and be transformed as you develop a personal relationship with Him. Allow Him to heal and touch you,  physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Please consider and set aside one hour of your time in Adoration.

Hours in need:

Thursday: 3pm and 5pm
Friday: 3pm
Tuesday: 8am

Please contact to commit to hours between 6:00am – 6:00pm:

Donna Oeland - 619-888-5751 (English)
Lourdes Alejandrino - 760-519-4226 (Spanish)

Please contact to commit to hours between 7:00pm - 5:00am:

Rafael Trejo - 760-717-1596