The perfect gift… During this beautiful holy season of Advent let us not get so distracted that we miss the true reason of the season. Jesus Christ the King we adore you.

Instead of getting caught up with chasing down the perfect gift for our loved ones, why not focus on the real perfect gift we already have here daily at St Mary Parish and in our adoration chapel: Jesus Christ Our Savior, Lord, and Redeemer in His True  presence Body, Blood, Soul and divinity.

He is here in Perpetual Adoration where we have a personal encounter in our heart and soul with Jesus. Devoting time with Jesus, as insignificant as a little white host and visible in a golden monstrance. We do not see or hear anything extraordinary but because of our Faith we do truly believe that Jesus is present. He is alive and waiting for us as our shepherd, savior, healer, and comforter. 

Why not give Jesus the glory and praise and honor He so deserves, opening our hearts to let go of all of our imperfections, sins, and shortcomings, while speaking personally to Jesus as our best friend, thanking Him as He  blesses us, as we to go back into the busy world,  able to live a richer life. 

Please consider a gift to our precious King and Savior Jesus Christ by committing to an hour basking in His presence. 

We are in need of committed adorers / Estamos en la necesidad de adoradores

Please consider committing to one hour by sacrificing your time and sharing in His Passion. Our Lord awaits for you night and day at the Tabernacle yearning to hear your sorrows and all your miseries and all your falls. He will wipe away your tears and inflame your heart with His Divine Love & Mercy.

Please contact Donna Oeland if you would like to commit to one of these hours 760-489-8830. The hours currently in need are: 

Monday: 7 pm URGENT  HOUR

Tuesday: 2 am  URGENT HOUR; 8 pm WEAK HOUR

Wednesday: 3 am URGENT HOUR 

Thursday: 4 am WEAK HOUR ; 5 am URGENT HOUR

Friday: 4 am, 5 am, 8 pm ALL URGENT  HOURS!

Saturday: 12 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, ALL URGENT HOURS; 1 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm ALL WEAK HOURS

Sunday: 5 am, 8 pm, URGENT HOURS; 5 pm, 7 pm WEAK HOURS

Weak hour is when committed adorers DO NOT make their committed time weekly.

Perpetual adoration has changed my life in so many ways. Would you like to share how adoration has changed yours? Share your own healing or change of life with others by placing your written testimony in the little gray box in front of the Jesus picture on the wall before entering the Adoration Chapel. We would love to share it in the bulletin so that others may know the beauty and the gift God has blessed us here with Perpetual Adoration 24/7.

Por favor tome su compromiso de una hora  seriamente. El tiempo comprometido en adoración es una Promesa hecha a Jesús en la que El no será dejado solo. Gracias a todos por el sacrificio que hacen para estar allí durante la hora  comprometida. Dios los bendiga a todos, sinceramente suya siempre y verdaderamente en Cristo, Donna. Favor de comunicarse con Lourdes María Alejandrino 760-519-4226 para comprometerse con alguna de las horas arriba indicadas.