Adoration Chapel Update:

Our Lord is truly present here at St. Mary - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Come, let us praise and adore Our Savior! Free admission. Our Lord thirsts for you! Can you not spend one hour with me? If you feel your heart is burning to console Our Lord, please consider committing to one (or more) of these hours needed:

7:00-8:00am    Thursday
12:00-1:00pm  Monday & Thursday
3:00-4:00pm    Monday
4:00-5:00pm    Friday
5:00-6:00pm    Tuesday, Wed. & Thursday
6:00-7:00pm    Monday & Thursday

ALL HOURS ARE NEEDED FOR SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS starting Aug. 1st. Please contact to commit to hours between 6:00am – 6:00pm:

Donna Oeland - 619-888-5751 (English)
Lourdes Alejandrino - 760-519-4226 (Spanish)

Please contact to commit to hours between 7:00pm - 5:00am:

Rafael Trejo - 760-717-1596