Catholic 101

Catholic 101 is a ministry dedicated to Adult Catechesis or Education. An understanding of our rich Catholic Faith is important. You may be a cradle Catholic, convert through RCIA or one brought into the church through CCE of any age. Your education may have come from the famous Baltimore Catechism. All of this is good, but perhaps is was a long ago or that your understandings were limited. Catholic 101 is a program that uses Holy Scriptures, the Catholic Catechism and traditions all in the Magisterium of the Church in all of its teachings. We keep it interesting and not complicated while not diluting the faith. Subjects vary from Apologetics to Theology. Extensive handouts are always used.

The sessions will consist of some of the following examples:

  • What Catholics do, why we do it and why it matters
  • Apologetics - know your faith and be able to explain it
  • The church visible – what you see and what it means. Do you know why the church colors change from green to red?
  • Bible study basics – be able to read and understand the Bible
  • Church History…and its impact upon world history
  • How are Saints made and the Pope chosen?
  • How does Purgatory fit in with Heaven and Hell?
  • Why does the Catholic Bible have more books than the protestant versions? Does it matter?
  • What does the church teach about the “End Times”?
  • What is the difference between Traditions and traditions? 

The ministry has two related parts:

Part 1 is to utilize the weekly church bulletin to publish a single page (see page 8) document both in English and Spanish (side by side) for the use and collection of that document. A variety of subjects are used and change from week to week.

Part 2 will use the same document from the church bulletin for a face-to-face class. Refer to the bulletin for the schedule of days and times offered (page 4). All are welcome. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide useful educational information that is interesting and helps one to better understand our Catholic faith. 

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