Family Registration Form

St. Mary Parish is excited to announce our new web-based database, ParishSOFT, starting January 1st 2021. In order to facilitate this transition, all families need to re-register at St. Mary Parish.

We are changing systems due to the discontinuation of our current software, and because we want to give you more control over your own information in the Parish database.

Parishioners can create their own ParishSOFT profile - called My Own Church  - (preferred method) by clicking HERE ( and choosing NEW USER, then following the prompts. Once registered, we will be able to assign you a permanent envelope number, which will also serve as your account number. Use this number on all financial donations, including online, and your donations will be tracked to you, enabling a year-end financial giving statement. Your profile will also enable you to have access to set up new or additional family members, report new information, update address or phone number, set up any online giving donations (Vanco Online Giving to be discontinued as of December 31, 2020), monitor your contributions totals, view any Ministries you participate in, and register for Religious Education, among other things.

If you are not going to donate online or prefer to have us set you up in the new database, then please fill out the form below. 

Envelopes will be passed out in December to all Parishioners registered in ParishSoft. Even if you do not want weekly envelopes, we must still give you a number for recording purposes. Your NEW envelope number will be your permanent number going forward, year after year. You can let us know whether you want the actual envelopes or not. This year they are already printed, but next year we will not print envelopes for Parishioners that do not want them. This helps reduce cost and streamlines our process year to year.

While we know change can come with some uncertainties, we are here to help to facilitate a smooth transition. We greatly appreciate your assistance and patience during this process.

Questions, please contact Patti Terich at the Parish Office at (760) 745-1611, Ext. 114 or email [email protected]


St. Mary Parish New Database Family Registration Form