Fr. Scott blesses Escondido

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, our pastor, Fr. Scott Herrera, flew over Escondido with the Blessed Sacrament and a relic to ask Our Lord for deliverance from COVID-19 and to bless the people affected by it.

Here are Fr. Scott’s words after that Special Blessing -

Thanks be to God for WONDERFUL parishioners.
I could see the people as we circled St. Mary with the Eucharist and our relic of St. Rocco - Patron against plagues.
My love and blessing to all as I consecrated everyone to Christ in the Eucharist through our Blessed Mother Mary.
Straight flight from Oceanside airport to Escondido... St. Mary Church. Blessings to my whole Jurisdiction and the cities.
Rid us of this pestilence!!! Forgive us our sins and transgressions!! Have mercy on us.
A special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for helping with the expense and Chuck Ayash for doing the investigation and coordinating.
God bless everyone!!

For more photos, please visit https://www.stmaryp.org/photos/view/id/53944