Important Parish Updates

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Happy Birthday Fr. Gabriel and Fr. Tony!

Birthday Celebrations

Fr. Gabriel’s birthday was October 12. Fr. Tony’s birthday is on October 17.

Please join us Monday, October 17th after the 8am Mass in the Parish Center to celebrate Fr. Gabriel’s and Fr. Tony’s birthdays.

This event is sponsored by the Hispanic Community and Altar and Rosary Society. Your help is needed to make this a memorable one. It is a POTLUCK, meaning everyone is asked to bring a dish to share. For those whose last name begins with the letters A-L, please bring a main dish. For letters M-R please bring a side dish, S-Z fruit. Dessert will be available.

Please bring all food in DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS with a SERVING SPOON and drop them off in the Parish Center, BEFORE Mass begins or by 8:30am.

If you would like to volunteer to help set up the food or clean up, please contact Martha McCarthy at [email protected]

Please also contribute to Fr. Gabriel's spiritual bouquet HERE and one for Fr. Tony HERE.

Rosary Rally

Please Join us for the Rosary Rally we will be having on, Saturday, Oct. 15th, 2022 from 12:00 Noon to 1:00pm in the City Hall of Escondido.