Important Parish Updates



Beginning Sunday October 3, the times for the Sunday evening Masses are moving from 5:15pm to 5:00pm and from 6:45pm to 6:30pm.


A partir del domingo 3 de octubre, los horarios para las Misas del domingo por la tarde se mueven de 5:15pm a 5:00pm y de 6:45pm a 6:30pm.


Intercessions in Connection with Hurricane Ida

For all who have suffered injury or death as a result of Hurricane Ida, and for their families and loved ones, we pray to the Lord.
For all who have sustained losses in the storm, that they may know God’s healing and care in those to whom they turn for assistance, we pray to the Lord.

Intercesiones para los daños del huracán Ida 

Por quienes sufrieron heridas o murieron debido al huracán Ida, y por sus familias y seres queridos. Roguemos al Señor.
Por quienes sufren por alguna perdida debido al huracán, que Dios los conforte y consuele a través de los servicios de emergencia y los voluntarios que los asisten. Roguemos al Señor.



It is that time of the year for the Fall Fiesta on October 9th. We are in need of 12oz packs of Diet Coke & Regular Coke and 16oz plastic waters. Please drop them off at the parish office. We appreciate your help and donations.


The St. Mary Garage Sale team would like to thank all of those who have so generously donated an overwhelming amount of items for our Garage Sale. However, due to the huge response and our limited storage capacity, we, unfortunately, have to STOP ACCEPTING items, except for furniture and large items 2 days before the Garage Sale.
The actual Garage Sale will open for business on Thursday, October 7th through Saturday, October 9th.
Thank you for your donations. If you have questions or want to volunteer working at the Garage Sale, please call Eduardo Leon at (760) 807-2448 or Benny Reyes at (760) 703-1224. All proceeds will help to reduce our Parish debt.


New Music for St Mary Phone System

Have you called into the St. Mary main phone number (760-745-1611) recently and noticed new music dedicated to Our Lady, titled "O Sanctissima"? This beautiful recording was a gift to St. Mary Parish by Mr. Edmar Selda, Director of the SFDS Sunday 7pm Choir, one of the 10 Marian Hymns recorded by this talented choir, available on their YouTube channel at
Please visit their channel, and see and listen to all of the most beautiful music you will have the pleasure of experiencing there!
Thank you Mr. Selda! We all greatly appreciate your wonderful gift!


Mass Missalettes Available

Mass Missalettes are now available for sale in the book kiosk in the church vestibule, in addition to them being sold in the Front Office and in the Religious Goods Bookstore during their normal business hours. Please pick one up today!