Happy Ordination Anniversary Fr. Scott!

Father Scott’s 18th Year Ordination Anniversary is on Friday, November 25th. Your help is needed to make his anniversary a memorable one! 

Please help us celebrate Fr. Scott’s Anniversary on Thursday, December 1st, in the Parish Hall after all Masses. Father Scott will provide a favorite type of cake. We need the following contributions for the potlucks:

After 8 am Mass - the Knights of Columbus will offer a traditional breakfast, and the Altar and Rosary Society will provide a variety of hot drinks and paper goods. Items requested are as follows: For those whose last name begins with the letters A-E: juices, F- I: water bottles, J- P: fruit, Q-Z: bagels and bread with cream cheese/jellies. The point of contact is Martha McCarthy at [email protected] (760-294-0887). 

After 12 pm Mass - We will offer a Soup and Salad Luncheon. Bring your favorite soup (in a crock pot or warming dish), salad: green, tomato, cucumber, three bean, or pasta. If you prefer to donate cash for bread, desserts, or water, put it in an envelope and give it to our Sacristans at noon Mass. The point of contact is Susan at [email protected].

After 6 pm Mass – There will be Mariachi, food, jumpers, and piñatas.  All donations are welcomed.  The point of contact is Veronica at (760) 975-8084.

*Please bring all food in DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS with a SERVING SPOON and drop them off in the Parish Hall before Mass begins. Contact the above if you want to volunteer to help set up the food or clean up. Thank you in advance for your support.