Welcome to the St. Mary Parish Website

Welcome to St. Mary Catholic Community in Escondido, California. We would like to invite you to come and visit for our times of worship, if you have not already. St. Mary Parish brings together a community that glorifies God through adoration, outreach, festivities and education. Visit the parish office to get more information about our community, meet new friends and find ways to get involved at St. Mary Parish of Escondido. We would be delighted to have you join us and may God bless you.

Pastoral Administrator

Rev. Scott S. Herrerra

Associate Pastor

Rev. Eugene Sta. Ana

Hospital Chaplain

Rev. David Sereno


Amador DurĂ¡n
James Kostick


St. Mary Perpetual Adoration / Adoracion Perpetua

We are in need of committed adorers on the following days /
Estamos en la necesidad de adoradores comprometidos en los dias:

Monday/Lunes: 1AM
Thursday/Jueves: 8AM and 4PM
Friday/Viernes: 1AM

Please contact Donna Oeland if you would like to commit to one of these hours 760-489-8830
Favor de contactar a Juanita si desea comprometerse una de las horas mensionadas, 760-213-5853

Confession Hours

Beginning November 1, 2015, Confessions will ONLY be offered on Tuesdays and Thursday before Masses at 7:15AM-7:50AM and 5:15PM-5:50PM (pending availability) and Saturdays from 4PM-5:15PM and by appointment through the front office.

St. Mary School Alumni

We invite our parishioners who had attended or graduated from St. Mary School, to sign up on the alumni database at the school’s website. We also extend our invitation to everyone who has family or knows someone who had attended or graduated at St. Mary School. Please inform them about the Alumni registration form or sign them up with their permission.

We would like to keep them in touch with what’s happening in the school as well as inform them of upcoming events specially planned with the Alumni in mind.

The signup form can be found here: