Funeral Scheduling

To schedule a funeral, please contact the front office at 760-745-1611

Funeral Readings

Please select a reading from the 1st Reading and the 2nd Reading below. If the family is providing a lector, they are required to wear church-appropriate attire (men = tie and jacket preferably; women = modest dress or skirt and blouse).

Suggested Funeral Readings

The Scriptures appropriate for use at Catholic Funeral Liturgy are in a booklet entitled, "Through Death to Life," by Joseph M. Champlin. You will be offered one of these booklets when you meet with Bereavement Committee planning the funeral. From this booklet, you may select the prayers of the Mass. For your convenience, the list of readings follow.

Readings for the Liturgy of the Word for the Rite of Christian Burial are divided into three parts: a selection from the Old Testament; a selection from the New Testament; and a Gospel.

During the Easter Season, the Church offers a separate set of New Testatment readings that replace the Old Testament readings used outside of the Easter season.

Click on the reading to review it before making your selection. After you have decided, make one selection from each the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Although the priest celebrant has the final word on which Gospel will be read, you may request a favorite Gospel from the list provided.

Old Testament - 1st Reading

New Testament - 1st Reading during Easter Season

New Testament - 2nd Reading