Religious Education

The passing on of the faith tradition is the responsibility of the whole parish community; pastors, parents and Directors of Catechetical Ministry must collaborate to insure that the children/young people are appropriately catechized and prepared for the reception of the sacraments (Diocesan Guidelines for Educational Ministry #200).

St. Mary Church implements an Intergenerational Catechetical Program. All religious education programs for the Sacraments require at least two years of preparation. Religious education for children, evangelization for parents and/or grandparents, godparents are also required to go to one retreat per year; evangelization classes for adults at the same time children are in the classrooms. Students who learn at a slower pace might require more than two years for preparation for the Sacraments. Post sacramental classes are available from First to Twelfth grade. Our Youth Program for 13-18 congregates on Fridays at 6:00pm. Young Adult groups (18-36) for singles, are also available. Sign language catechism classes on Tuesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Adults who wish to learn sign language 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Religious Education program is to educate the children in the Catholic faith so that they can assume their responsibilities in today’s world.

In addition to instructing your children in Christian truth, we welcome the opportunity to assist you, the parents, in fulfilling your primary obligation to help you teach your children to walk in ways of faith. This can only be done when each family places Jesus Christ and His teachings at the center of their lives through Sunday worship, family prayer and daily living of the Christian message. Weekly attendance at Sunday Mass with your children is an essential part of their religious education.

Nuestra Misión

El propósito del programa de Educación Religiosa es de educar a los niños en la fe católica para que así puedan asumir sus responsabilidades en el mundo de hoy.

Aparte de instruir a sus hijos en la verdad cristiana, les brindamos la oportunidad de ayudarles a llevar a cabo su principal obligación de enseñar a sus hijos a vivir en la fe. Esto solo se logrará si cada familia coloca a Cristo y sus enseñanzas en el centro de sus vidas a través de la misa del domingo, la oración en familia y viviendo el mensaje cristiano. Asistencia a la Misa de domingo con sus hijos, es una parte esencial de la educación religiosa de ellos.


Religious Education Office Hours

The Religious Education Office is open 2 - 8 pm to register for Sacraments. (760) 745-1611 Ext 806 [email protected]


Religious Education Contact Information

Main phone number - (760) 745-1611

Dcn. Andres Sanchez, Director of Religious Education [email protected] Ext 215

Vicky Briceno, Confirmation/Youth Group Coordinator [email protected] Ext 242

Maria Briceno, Secretary [email protected] Ext 236

Ivon Ayala, [email protected] Ext 235

Sign Language instructor: Alejandra Sanchez (760) 445-6889

Religious Ed. Staff available to meet by appointment. Please call or email to make an appointment.