Hospital Ministry

In Hospital Ministry we visit all the hospitalized Catholic sick at Palomar Medical Center West and the downtown campus, offering prayer, emotional  support, and the Eucharist to those who are in a position to receive Jesus. Working with the Catholic Hospital Chaplain, currently Fr. Gabriel Afeti, we ascertain which patients want or need additional sacraments from the chaplain. We support the families with prayer and encourage everyone to pray during this time of crisis. We encourage reception of the Sacrament of the Sick and any other applicable Sacraments. When a death is imminent  we advocate for the patient if he/she has not received the Sacrament of the sick, notifying the chaplains office and Fr. Gabriel. We may also pray with the family. When a patient is comatose we pray the Spiritual Communion prayer. Rosaries and bilingual holy cards help us in our ministry.
This is a ministry of love—and we receive as well as give. Many days are not currently covered; therefore, we are always eager to receive new ministers who must be trained as Ministers of the Eucharist first, obtain a letter from their pastor stating that they are Catholics in good standing, train with the hospital volunteer staff re hospital rules, have a background check done, take an annual Safety test, receive a free annual TB test, and train with an experienced  minister.
Currently we have ministers from 5 parishes but very few who are bilingual and there is a great need for Spanish speakers.
For more information please contact Kathleen McColl at 760-749-8019.