Parish Mission Statement

St. Mary Parish provides to followers of Jesus Christ, who alone is our Savior, the practice of Roman Catholicism witnessing in faith the one true God in the three persons of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Initiated into the life of God through grace by baptism, we are brothers and sisters in the mystical body of Christ, united in professing the faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Jesus and committed to our mission to know, love and serve God.

In order to strengthen our parish, build up the Church, and extend the Kingdom of God, we also pledge to always uphold the fullness of revealed Truth, teach and serve one another by word and deed, and live as faithful stewards of God's gifts contributing our time, talent and treasure.

We resolve to conversion and holiness through prayer and picking up our cross daily to encounter God and exercise faith and hope in His mercy, love and promises taking advantage of all He has provided to aid us toward eternal union with Him in Heaven; namely, the Bible (His Word), the Sacraments (His Life), the Church - Triumphant, Penitential and Militant (His Body), and Mary (His and our mother).