Thank you so much for considering volunteering your time and energy at St. Mary Parish. We have a multitude of ministries, events, and daily tasks around that parish that need extra help in order to get done. Having volunteers to call on in times of need is what helps the many events happen and the extra tasks get done.

If you feel yourself called to volunteer at the St. Mary Parish, please contact the volunteer coordinator at [email protected]. The volunteer coordinator will ask you to provide the following information:

- Name

- Contact Information (phone # / cell # / email)

- Your availability (days / times)

- Your preferred method for being contacted (phone call / email / cell text message)

- Type of volunteer work you are will to do

Once you are entered into the Volunteer Master List, the Coordinator will contact you regarding any help needed to ask if you are available to help.

Thank you so much for considering volunteering at the parish, we are so grateful for the help of our volunteers effort and time.