Who Do I Contact When I Want...?

Many parishioners have questioned who they should speak with when they want to request help, schedule Mass intentions, notify someone about a water leak, schedule time to speak to a priest, etc.

This short list will hopefully point you to the right person in the right job function to ask to speak with. If you don’t see your want/need in the list, then please call the Main Parish Office at 760-745-1611.



Mass Intentions; Funeral Arrangements; Message for one or more of the Priests; Marriage prep; Annulments; Request proof of sacraments received at St. Mary Parish; Baptism for children under 7 yrs of age; Questions re: Church events, Special Masses; Family registrations.

Main Parish Office – 760-745-1611

Register child for Religious Education; Schedule them for Baptism over the age of 7 years; Confirmation; 1st Communion; Quinceañeras; Family registrations; OCIC/OCIA/CICA; Providing documentation of Sacraments.

Religious Education Office – 760-745-1611 X806

Schedule a room in all facilities, including church sanctuary; Report an outage or leak or alarm during normal business hours.

Facilities Director – 760-745-1611 X210

Request notice in the weekly bulletin, on the website, or posted on the bulletin boards; Graphic design; Authorized use of the Parish logo.

Special Projects/Communications Coordinator

760-745-1611 X205

Human Resources; Parish Business; Finance.

Director of Administration – 760-745-1611

St. Mary Preschool registrations; Questions

Preschool Director – 760-705-9906

St. Mary School registrations; Questions.

School Administration – 760-743-3431