Pro-Life Resources

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St. Mary Culture of Life Ministry Contacts: Paul & Liz Davied: 303-829-2061; Alma and Ed Reyes: 760-713-7092

Miscarriages: Please contact Alma and Ed Reyes at 760-713-7092.

40 Days for Life Escondido: https://www.40daysforlife.com/en/escondido

Pregnant and in Need? www.Optionline.org 24 hour live chat

Culture of Life Family Services: helps uninsured and underserved women in the midst of unplanned pregnancies. To schedule a free ultrasound, call (760) 741-1224 or visit www.COLFS.org for more information on other medical services. Below is a list of services that COLFS provides to help women in need.

Abortion Pill Reversal: Regret taking the abortion pill? Call or text the APR Helpline at 1-877-558-0333.

Alternatives Medical Clinic: ultrasound, pregnancy test, and mobile unit. Visit amc-ca.com or call 760-741-9796.

Birth Choices Women’s Mobile Clinic: Accessible ultrasounds and pregnancy tests brought directly to women in need. Call for an appointment at 760-744-1313, or visit www.birthchoice.net.

Lamb of God Maternity Home: In a crisis pregnancy and need a safe place to stay? Need resources and education to help you get back on your feet? Call 760-715-6463.

Rachel’s Hope: After Abortion Healing and Abortion Recovery for men and women hurting from an abortion. www.rachelshope.org

Project Rachel: Information in English and Spanish for women experiencing grief from pregnancy loss including the loss of a child by abortion. 

Esperanza de Raquel: Ofrece un taller de fin de semana para sanacion y esperanza despues de un aborto espontaneo  o provocado para hombre y mujeres. Artemio e Irma Rangel, 760-745-1611, Lulu Valdivia, 858-952-2394. 

Miscarriage Support: Visit the Escondido Office at COLFS North County 760-294-6114

Post Abortion Support: Visit the Escondido Office at COLFS North County 760-294-6114

Standing With You: www.standingwithyou.org/

COLFS Ministry Website: www.friendsofcolfs.org 

COLFS Mission Valley (619) 692-4401

Crisis Hotline - 619-564-3310

Please support these Pregnancy Resource centers. It is a great way to support expectant parents and their families. They cannot help the most vulnerable without our support! Reach out to them; they will gladly let you know how you can help!